25 dec. 2012

Christmas time

HO HO HO!! It's Christmas everybody!! Oh,I love this event.I think it's the most beautiful season.All the snow,the winter sports,Santa Claus...
What did Santa bring to you?
I was so exciting  when I was a child to open all the gifts,but now I buy my own gifts and it's better. :)) haha

Christmas tree. lov' it!

blouse: gift
skirt: Stradivarius
necklance: ?


21 oct. 2012


Me and my friend joined a game! I had to surround her with gauze.

dress: Carnaval Fiesta
hat: Carnaval Fiesta
shoes: Bershka


8 oct. 2012

High-school time

shirt: Stradivarius
scarf: Guara
skirt: Stradivarius
shoes: Cafenoir
hairband: town-shop


12 sept. 2012

Ready for a trip.Danube

Me,my mom and dad went to Drobeta Turnu Severin.This town is near the Danube so we saw it.I was in love with the water,it was amazing!
Before we went,I took some pictures in the living-room.

my dad

We were so close of Serbia as my roaming started.Welcome to Serbia!


hat: Bershka
blouse: Egypt shop
skirt: Stradivarius
watch: B&B
bracelets: Stradivarius
necklance: Orsay
oxfords: Leonardo


10 sept. 2012

New title

I can't believe that finally I find a good title for my blog! I want a new one because "daybydaywitht" sounds a little boring...
I read a lot of articles about "the title of a blog" and there,it said that the title must be related with the theme of my blog.
Of course,my theme is fashion,street-style and travel as I said in the description.
It must be a little personal. A drop of my personality,my idea.
It takes 3 weeks to think about a good title and more than that a  title which I love to say!
I thought at key words like: fashion,glamour,vintage,casual but nothing good for me.
Today,when I woke up I said: "that's fabulous!" .I have no idea why,but that was the start!!
So here it is:

        Le Fabulousai

I don't think it's a real word,but I don't care:)) It's my title. My own title!
I read it : Le Fabiuluze 
because it's fabulous! I love it!



9 sept. 2012

Blue marine in the sun

Today,I will go to my grandma! I really missed her! I tried a comfy outfit,so here it is!

hair-accessories: town-shop
T-shirt: Zara
shorts: Collin's
sandals: ?
watch: B&B


7 sept. 2012

Another day, another outfit.

I love taking pictures in my garden! Today,my mother helped me to take them.

headband: town-shop
earrings: Orsay
bracelet: B&B
blouse: Terra Nova
shirt: town-shop
oxfords: Leonardo 


6 sept. 2012


Ready for going out! The weather is fine,without any sun,but warm.Those little and adorable cats on my shirt make me feel so good! I love pink with brown!Brown is perfect for autumn and pink tries to make the season happier!

shirt: Zara
pants: ?
shoes: Bershka
bag: Deichmann
bracelets: Stradivarius
hair accesories: town-shop


5 sept. 2012

Good night! Sweet dreams!

What a terrible day...I am so tired and I'm going to go to sleep early.
 I couldn't go to sleep without taking some pictures,so here they are:

pijama: Jolidon
dressing gown: Jolidon
shoes: Leonardo